This Time The Farmers’ Protest In The Court Of The United Nations

Farmers' Protest
Farmers' Protest

The issue of peasant protests also came up in the court of the United Nations.  “People have the right to protest peacefully,” said Stephen Zurarick, a spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.  The administration must allow it to continue.

 Responding to a question on the farmers’ protest, the spokesperson of the Secretary-General of the United Nations said that in response to the question on India, they will say what others say when they raise those issues.  That is, people have the right to protest peacefully.  And the administration should follow that accordingly.

 The seemingly innocent and routine remarks have caused some inconvenience to the Narendra Modi government in the international arena.  However, India has already said that they are completely “unwelcome” in the light of comments made by various foreign leaders.  Because it is an internal matter of a democratic country, said New Delhi.  On Tuesday, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said that they had seen many anonymous remarks about Indian farmers. Those comments are unsolicited, especially since they are internal to a democratic country.

 Thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana and other states have been protesting on the Delhi border for the past nine days in protest of the three agricultural laws.  Protests are going on in different parts of the country calling all the three laws ‘anti-farmer’.  Farmers complain that the new law has made the minimum support price uncertain.  As a result, farmers have to rely on big commercial companies.  Despite the assurance of the government, they are adamant in their demands.  Representatives of several centers and farmers’ organizations have also met.  But even after the fifth round of, no solution was found.

All the three bills related to agriculture have been passed in the Lok Sabha. These three bills are, ‘Agri-Trade and Trade Development’, ‘Essential Commodities Act’, ‘Agreement on Protection and Empowerment of Farmers to Ensure Prices of Agricultural Products’.  Although these three bills were passed in the Lok Sabha, two bills were passed in the Rajya Sabha by a voice vote on Sunday. The Rajya Sabha passed two bills, ‘Agri-Trade and Trade Development’ and ‘Farmers Protection and Empowerment Agreement to Ensure Prices of Agricultural Products’.

The government claims that a new type of agricultural system will come to the fore with this bill.  With this bill, farmers will be able to sell their crops outside the market.  You can sell the crop to whomever you want.  Emphasis has also been placed on inter-state business.  The settlement seeks to enable marginal farmers to be directly involved in retail and agribusiness.if the government moves away from the control of the market, the boasting of business in the agricultural market of India will increase.  As a result, traders will gradually begin to determine the price of the product.  It is feared that the farmers will not get a decent price even if they ask for it.  Farmers are also worried about foreign direct investment in agricultural products.


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