Change Of Shift In Birbhum, Cause Of Physical Illness But Change Of Chairperson

BJP, Not The Leftists Is On The List of MPs Who Support The People In The Lockdown: BJP
BJP, Not The Leftists Is On The List of MPs Who Support The People In The Lockdown: BJP

This time Ujjal Chatterjee, the former chairman of Suri municipality and the current chairperson of the governing body, resigned amid speculation and political pressure in Birbhum.  However, he resigned citing personal reasons.  Anjan Kar has become the new chairperson after his resignation.  Opposition groups called for the beleaguered PM to resign.

 BJP district president Shyamapada Mandal claimed, “This trend has started across the state.”  It is seen that the grassroots workers are resigning from the administrative posts even though they are in the party.  Shyamapada Mandal said, ‘In fact, it is all politics.  They are talking against each other, even if they don’t say it in their mouths, they are explaining it in gestures.  In his words, all the people who are relatively honest are resigning because they cannot stay in the Trinamool Congress.

 On the other hand, Ujjal Chatterjee said, ‘I have resigned for purely personal reasons.  There is no group reason.  On the other hand, Anjan was absent from the swearing-in ceremony today.  In this regard, he said, ‘Work first, organization later.  I was busy. ‘

 Incidentally, when the board was formed by the governing body on May 26 this year, Ujjal Chatterjee became the chairman of the governing body.  The members were Kazi Farzuddin, Anjan Kar and Vidyasagar Sau. Ujjal Chatterjee resigned 4 days ago.In the meantime, there is nothing wrong with the team.  Another Trinamool leader Anjan Kar was sworn in today.  But Ujjal Babu was absent from the swearing-in ceremony.  However, he said that he could not come because he was busy with work.  He also said that work first, then organization.  Despite his remarks, various rumors are circulating in the political arena of Suri.

Ujjwal Chattopadhyay stood for Trinamool from 2000 to 2019 and was a councilor after winning various wards. He was chairman of the municipality of Surrey from 2016 to 2020.  However, he wrote a letter to Anubrat Mandal informing him of his resignation because he could not find time in Surrey Municipality due to physical illness.  Similarly, there is a letter from the Urban Development Department to appoint Pranab Kar, one of the members of the governing body, as the chairperson.  Pranab Kar understood the responsibility today.  However, Ujjwal Babu said that the administrator will consider whether he will be in the church in the coming days and this answer is raising various questions.


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