Reader’s Review- The Bestseller She Wrote- By Ravi Subramaniam

Reader's Review- The Bestseller She Wrote- By Ravi Subramaniam
Reader's Review- The Bestseller She Wrote- By Ravi Subramaniam

Master storyteller Ravi Subramaniam delves into the glitzy world of bestsellers and uncovers a risky dalliance between a superstar novelist and his alluring protégé. The story of a storyteller Aditya Kapoor is described on every page of this book, his life is a reflection of a modern life fantasy. His more than perfect life is something worthy to crave for. This story represents when life of Shreya Kaushik, student with a heart full of ambition collide with the lifestyle of Mr. author.

The story is gripping for sure, a page turner, especially in the second half! Being a thriller writer himself, Ravi Subramaniam switched to romance writing first time with this story. With his thriller write-up, this story has much more thrill to offer. The result is suitable for both the genres -romantic and thrilling that sounds out to be a romantic thriller.

A handsome, bestselling author Mr. Aditya Kapoor, with a loving wife and being HR at National Bank, he hopes to lead a better future with his family. This story is all about when their personal life collides with the  professional lives. Aditya Kapoor is distracted by the attention of a beautiful final year student Shreya Kaushik who lastly ended up using the author for her own ambition.

Shreya Kaushik , who wishes to use Mr. Kapoor to reach the highest of her success. That’s when the complication turns out. With a common storyline of extra-marital affair in the first half, it offers a lots of twists and turns, which maintain the gripping stage of readers.

Aditya, as a character, gets an actual arc even an aborted one, which I felt Shreya also deserved. Reading the book with a fresh and neutral perspective, according to me, it’s worthy enough to write a review of such wonderful storyline. The story is basically about ambition, covert love, betrayal. loss and rejection.

The author had picked many real life characters to include in this adaption. The male protagonist is very like modern day banker, an IIT- IIM status holder, who tries to pursue his hobbies in writing and become a bestseller with his first creation.

The story narrates a real life-related incident very reluctantly. It evokes a perfect climax with several twists. This is the outline for which you may have a look through the pages of this book with a magnificent outburst and obviously smashing writing style by Ravi Subramaniam, this book is something you don’t want to miss.


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