Anti-France Islamists In Kolkata Ignore Epidemic, Thumbs Up The Administration

Anti-France Islamists In Kolkata Ignore Epidemic, Thumbs Up The Administration
Anti-France Islamists In Kolkata Ignore Epidemic, Thumbs Up The Administration

The distances from France to Kolkata is a lot, but does it mean ‘Ummah’ dam?  To the followers of Islam, the Prophet is above all.  A radical militant of Chechen descent beheaded a schoolteacher in France for showing a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad.  Soon after, French President Macron took up the sword against political Islam.

 Macron, however, is by no means anti-religious, nor right-wing, but is known as a centrist liberal and a member of such a group.  After this extremist attack, he announced that the display of satirical images in France would never be stopped.  At the same time, in response to the assassination and beheading of history teacher Samuel Patty, he used harsh language against hardline Islam, and the French government is taking drastic action.

 This is where the problem begins.  Turkey and Pakistan have called on Islamist countries to unite against the French president’s response.  Erdogan attacked in foul language, with former Malaysian President Mahathir Mohamad supporting the killing of millions of French citizens on Twitter.  Islamic countries around the world took to the streets in protest.  Macron puppets were also burned.  Somewhere along the way he also died with shoes on his poster.

 The Muslim community in West Bengal is not far behind.  Some people from the Muslim community were seen protesting against the French president in front of the French Consulate on Alipore Santosh Roy Road in Kolkata on Saturday, just like in Bangladesh.  They demonstrated in front of the consulate holding placards and posters, chanting slogans.  However, they were stopped by the Kolkata police about 300 meters from the consulate, otherwise the incident could have escalated.  They originally came to submit a deputation but were not allowed to enter.

 Patty was brutally murdered.  There have been horrific incidents like the Charlie Hebdo murder before.  Two civilians were beheaded by a radical Islamist militant in front of a church in the French city of Nice.  France is forced to be tough because such atrocities happen again and again.  Other European countries supported them, and even liberal leaders like Angela Merkel were forced to protest.  But from the beginning, India was on the side of “All-Weather Friend” France, where Pakistan has tried to downplay the incident in various ways since the assassination.  The question of how such an Islamist organization could gather in the heart of West Bengal despite being part of India’s federal infrastructure is also on the minds of ordinary people.  At the same time, the question remains, who is next to the majority community in West Bengal?


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