The Look Of Street Fashion At New Market

The Look Of Street Fashion At New Market
The Look Of Street Fashion At New Market

It’s something we do every day, wear clothes! So, it obviously makes sense that we all have a few clothing tips for our comfort and luxury. Fashion in the world of today’s generation isn’t just bounded by the upper class of celebrities. We, the very commoner also get influenced by their style statements and the variety of clothing ideas they provide with grace. So, getting updated with the superior ideologies to wear attractive fashion for every season is surely a must.

And when you are looking for a fashion hub in the streets of Kolkata, then you definitely can’t miss the shopper’s paradise with something to suit everyone, no matter how much the taste or budget be.

From classy street fashion and mainly with few local or International brands, whether its vintage wear or pop up wears, New Market will always be the best choice for fashionistas. Not only the clothes, thousands of accessories from premium jewellery stores or retailers are the perfect combo to match the glorious style sense.

New Market, which lies in the oldest heart of Kolkata, known as Esplanade, rich in culture and glory of Grand Hotel, this place of street fashion has absolutely everything you need.

All time crowded with thousands of people, busy throughout the whole year, this place offers you variety of street fashions, from shoes to cosmetics, sometimes dresses to accessories. If you want to witness something special about the fashions through a walk in the long streets, you should definitely visit the hub of New Market to buy something cheaper with best possible quality.

By stepping into this world full of surprises, one can surely experience the feel of old markets, and especially the epic Hogg Market, a must-visit when you are in this city. A superior and magnificent world of colors, clothes and many more, small or big, anything you need. The shops here are one of the oldest, still inheriting the past glory with polished refinement and serving the best quality with golden charm.

Yes, I can definitely assure you that this is the place for shoppers, this is the place to entertain every shopper’s pleasure. One can positively find everything starting from their simplest necessity to super-luxury also. Being a fashion lover and a shopaholic woman, I never miss the chance to explore this wonderful place again and again with the same delight and entertainment.


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