The People Of Bengal Want Change To End Nephew’s Grandfatherhood: This Time The Attack Is From Amit Shah

Jammu And Kashmir Believe In Democracy! Amit Shah's Message As Soon As The Lotus Blossoms In Srinagar
Jammu And Kashmir Believe In Democracy! Amit Shah's Message As Soon As The Lotus Blossoms In Srinagar

After joining the BJP on Saturday, Trinamool MP Abhishek Banerjee attacked and chanted the slogan ‘Shuvendu Adhikari’ – ‘Remove the tyrant nephew’. The next day, after a huge road show at Bolpur crossroads on Sunday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah raised his voice again against ‘Bhaipo’. “The people of Bengal want change,” he said, urging people to vote for the BJP. At the same time, Trinamool and Mamata Banerjee fired cannons.

Without naming Abhishek Banerjee, he said, ‘The people of Bengal want change. This change is needed to end political violence, to stop bullying. The people of Bengal want change to end nepotism. ‘

Seeing the enthusiasm of the people in the huge road show, Amit Shah admitted that he had never seen such a road show in his life. In his words, ‘When I was the All India President of BJP, I saw many road shows. I did it myself. But I have never seen such a road show in my life. The love and faith of the people of Bengal towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi is clear from this road show. At the same time, this road show is a proof of the anger of the people of Bengal towards Mamata Banerjee

Taking the side of Dilip Ghosh and Anupam Hazra, Amit Shah said, “The change that the people of Bengal want is not to change any chief minister or leader, but to remove the grassroots and bring the BJP to power.” This change is going to happen for the development of Bengal, to take Bengal forward. This is a change to stop the infiltration from Bangladesh

On this day, Amit Shah gave the message to overthrow the Trinamool Congress. Appealing to the people of Bengal to vote for Padmaphule, he said, “I promise, if you bring us to power, the BJP will take Bengal further on the path of development.” He said, Give Narendra Modi a chance. In 5 years we will build a golden Bengal.

It is to be noted that BJP leaders have attacked Abhishek Banerjee under the name ‘Uvaipo’ more than once before. At a meeting at Patharpratima last Monday, Kailash Vijayvargiya attacked Vaipo in his usual manner and asked, ‘This is Vaipo’s government. Mamata Banerjee has been masked. She wore a white sari and a Hawaiian hat to look honest. And the nephew behind him wears glasses worth Rs 25 lakh. Is this money to be earned in an honest way? ‘


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