I Have Left Everything And Joined The BJP. Shuvendu Retaliated Against The Trinamool By Calling Him A Traitor

I Joined With Dilip Ghosh’s Team, I’ll Show You: ‌ Confident Shuvendu Adhikari
I Joined With Dilip Ghosh’s Team, I’ll Show You: ‌ Confident Shuvendu Adhikari

In the first political meeting after joining the BJP, BJP leader Shuvendu Adhikari attacked the old party Trinamool Congress. On Tuesday, the sun set in the eastern part of East Burdwan. However, the tide did not fall due to the enthusiasm of the people present. Because overnight they found out that Shuvendu will be present in today’s meeting. After joining the BJP, the media also watched the meeting to see how he responded to the language used by the Trinamool to attack him. 

On this day, Shuvendu made it clear that he did not make any exception to the principle that one has to follow the ethics of leaving a political party and joining another party in a democratic manner. Shuvendu said, ‘As a political activist, I did not give up my morality. On November 26, I resigned from all government posts, including the ministry of three departments. I have resigned from the Legislative Assembly. My old party Trinamool Congress has resigned from its primary membership. If any other political party gives me membership I can take it. I have a right to multi-party democracy. 

After that, Shuvendu attacked the leaders of the old party and said, ‘I have been called a traitor in different places for the last three days, Mirzafar says. Friends, I would like to ask them, after the formation of the Trinamool Congress in 1996, who was with the Trinamool Congress in the Lok Sabha vote of 96 and the Assembly vote of 99? If Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister of India, and LK Advani, the then Home Minister of India, had not given shelter to the Trinamool Congress, the party would have left before 2001. You can’t deny it ‘?

Recalling the old incident, Shuvendu said, “There is no denying that the day the small Angaria genocide took place, the central government sent a team led by BJP leader Vijay Goel and Kirit Somaiya to stop the atrocities.”

Explaining that he himself never backed down out of fear, Shuvendu said, “No one agreed to fight against Laxman Seth in 2004. I fought with the BJP flag on one side and the grassroots flag on the other side.

After this, Shuvendu reminded of the role of BJP after Nandigram incident. He said, ‘After the Nandigram genocide on March 14, 2008, the leaders of any other political party did not come. In the besieged Nandigram, Lalkrishna Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh entered Nandigram by walking and carrying dates. For 72 days, the Lok Sabha-Rajya Sabha was paralyzed and the Nandigram genocide was brought to the forefront. Who ate the fruit juice on the hunger strike stage? His name is Rajnath Singh.

He called for the overthrow of the Trinamool Congress government in the state from today’s meeting. Said more than once, want change. At the end of the speech he made Joy Sriram sound. He said that he will fight under the leadership of Dilip Ghosh at the risk of his life.


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