Notice Of Appointment Of Primary Teacher Issued Tomorrow, An Interview From January 10, Announced Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Cancels Meeting In Nandigram On January 7
Mamata Cancels Meeting In Nandigram On January 7

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday announced the appointment of primary teachers at a press conference in Navane. Earlier, the Chief Minister had announced the appointment of 18500 vacant primary teachers. He also informed about the issuance of this notice and the interview.

The Chief Minister told a press conference on the same day, “The Primary Education Board will issue a recruitment notice for the appointment of primary teachers on Wednesday (December 23).” The interview will be held from 10 to 16 January 2021. An appointment panel will be formed as soon as possible, ”he said. He said the third TET test will be held offline on January 31. Two and a half lakh applicants will sit for the examination.

Meanwhile, teachers and police personnel who have been working in different districts of the state for 15 years have been applying for transfer to their districts or homes for a long time. On this day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave good news about it. He said that policemen like Home Guard, Constable and SI, who have been working for 8-15 years, have applied to return to their districts. We have said we will do as much as possible .’‌ The Chief Minister said that so far about 50,000 applications have been received from the police personnel. Of these, 35,000 policemen have been transferred to the districts of their choice.

The Chief Minister also gave good news about the transfer of teachers to their districts. He said, ‘We have also taken steps to transfer primary and secondary level teachers. But most of the time it has been observed that there are no vacancies for teachers of the subject in the district of their choice. But where there are vacancies, teachers have been transferred to their homes

The Chief Minister said that 10173 primary teachers had applied for transfer to their homes. Of these, 648 teachers have been transferred to their home districts. Two types of transfer applications have been received at the secondary level. 5502 teachers applied for Home District Transfer. Out of this, home district transfer orders of 3652 teachers have been issued. At the secondary level, 4594 applications for mutual transfer were received. Of these, 4490 applications have been accepted.

Significant changes were made in the written examination of the School Service Commission (SSC). Closing down is the process of finding employment through just one test. In addition, prelim and main examination models are being introduced in SSC in the form of other recruitment methods. 

In the case of Upper Primary, TET test number 150 will be taken in the first step. In the second step, 50 + 50 will be taken above the total 100 marks in Bengali and English big questions. In the third stage, thematic examination will be taken above 100 marks. Note that even if a total of 150 marks are taken, the TET weightage will be 100. That means the total assessment will be within 300 marks.

In case of Upper Ninth-Twelfth, PT test of 150 marks will be taken in the first step. In the second stage, 50 + 50 will be tested for big questions in Bengali and English above 100 marks. In the third stage there is a subject based examination of 100 marks. In this case also TET weightage will be taken 100 in spite of the total number of 150 test. That means the total assessment will be within 300 marks.

All the candidates can sit for the examination consisting of three stages. However, in the case of Upper Primary and Ninth-Twelfth Class, if the marks obtained in the TET Examinations exceed the minimum prescribed marks, the answer sheets of the remaining examinations will be evaluated. Again, in case of ninth-twelfth, if the PT examination scores more than the minimum prescribed number, the answer sheet of the remaining examination will be evaluated.

In the case of teacher recruitment, no interview procedure is being followed this time. There are no resources for academic scores. In a word, the numbers obtained at the secondary, higher secondary, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels have no significance in the recruitment process.


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