PK’s: Predictions Challenged By Bengal-BJP, Retaliation Of Voters

PK's: Predictions Challenged By Bengal-BJP, Retaliation Of Voters
PK's: Predictions Challenged By Bengal-BJP, Retaliation Of Voters

After Amit Shah’s visit to Bengal, Prashant Kishore, a vote-getter, said, “The BJP will not be able to cross the two-digit mark.” So they have come down to give vocal tonic to the people. Babul Supriya tweeted, “After 2021, there will be no snake (grassroots), no flute (PK) flute”. Now the question is, why are those who are so confident making these comments? Political observers think that the identity of that tree is the result.

Prashant Kishore’s challenge: In the 2021 assembly elections, the BJP’s number of seats will not go beyond two digits to three digits. That is why Union Minister Babul Supriya, BJP’s co-observer in Bengal Arvind Menon and observer Kailash Vijayavargi have started tweeting about the BJP leadership one after another.

Arvind Menon, the BJP’s co-observer in Bengal, wrote on Twitter, “The BJP does not live up to the predictions of others, we build our own future.” Kailash Vijayvargiya tweeted, “The tsunami of BJP is going on in West Bengal.” After the formation of the government, the country will have to lose one vote tactic.

The party’s central vice-president Mukul Roy sharply criticized the tweet of Prashant Kishore. He said, ‘Who is Prashant Kishore? Businessmen, politicians or grassroots activists? Does he have a team of his own? ‘প্রশ Prashant Kishore also responded to each of these attacks. He tweeted on Tuesday, “If his calculations are correct, will those BJP leaders leave politics?” Kailash Vijayavargiya, Babul Supriya, Dilip Ghosh say, I will be proved wrong. Can they say on record that they will quit politics if I am right? ‘

According to party sources, a member of the PK team came to the East Midnapore District Council office in Nimtaur, Tamluk to hold talks with Anandamay, head of fisheries and animal resources. At the meeting, he wanted to know the equation of the district from Anandamay. He even wanted to know where he was. But Anandababu has cleverly avoided the whole issue from the media. The information he gave to the media is a constant lie. PK’s party did not come to him to quell any protests. However, he told the media: PK’s team came to alleviate that. And that news has spread in the market.

According to sources, if the anger was to be created, it could have happened earlier. The people of East Midnapore know this Anandababu as a Trinamool leader as well as an agent of LIC. He also wants to keep this message tactical. He benefits the people of the area. Even then his anger was not created. He could go to any government big place if he wanted. He did not. So what has been reported to the media is not accurate news.

It is to be noted that after the resignation from the cabinet, there is speculation about the departure of MLA Shuvendu Adhikari from the grassroots. In this situation, the Trinamool has taken action in the district against some of Shuvendu’s followers. Anandamayo is also known as a follower of Shuvendu. He has been seen participating in various apolitical programs of Shuvendu. Even during the voting, Shuvendu used to give the responsibility of Sutahata and adjoining areas to this Anandamayababu. Because Shuvendu Adhikari knows that Anandamayababu can make the vote with a smile. That means clean sweep.

According to sources, Anandmoy Tamluk, Moyna, Nandakumar, Mahishadal, Haldia, East and West Panskura are in charge of the party’s organizational work in the assembly as Trinamool district co-ordinators. Though there are differences of opinion within the party, it is difficult for a leader like him to handle them. Mamata Banerjee herself has her hands on her head. So he is now a member of Haldia Development Authority. Recently he got this news but he is looking for the paper in his hand. He even asked a faithful soldier to procure it. He also said that Shuvendu could summon him to find out what happened with the PK team.


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