Black Widows Review- An Intriguing Watch

Black Widows Review- An Intriguing Watch
Black Widows Review- An Intriguing Watch

Veera Mehrotra (Mona Singh), Kavita (Shamita Shetty), and Jayati (Swastika Mukherjee) are best friends. But their husbands are quite terrible. While Kavita’s husband Nilesh (Vipul Roy) manages her to sleep with his clients, Jayati’s husband Lalit (Mohan Kapoor) is abusive. The three plan and execute their husbands’ murder with a blast in a boat to be free from their terms of life.
But their plans got differed while the investigations about the blast were handled by a special team, headed by Pankaj (Parambrata Chatterjee). The police find a parallel plot submerged along with the murder story, that finds out a distinct set through the story goes up.
Birsa Dasgupta’s Black Widows is darker than comedy though the humorous moments have glued till the climax which turns out to be an interesting watch anyway.
The women-led show is truly a good one but there should have been more thrill at the end. The chemistry of the women is quite surprising, the number of gossips and endless enjoyment, as well as the witty play through the plots, is a winner itself.
There is a parallel plot of a pharma company inventing a virus with the intent to make a fortune selling vaccines! Raima Sen plays their boss, who very gracefully lits up her screen timing along with her armor through the show.
Things get convoluted with too many characters but everything led to an interesting outline along with an intriguing parallel plot during the climax.
Improbable in portions, this is a wonderful watch (directed by Birsa Dasgupta) that helps you to go with the flow quite well. The thriller and comedy elements with a sprinkling of earnest performances make this an engaging watch.
Black Widows totally shines through its story and plot surrounded. The uncommon subplots also kept way ahead with the main plot. The direction, the performances, and the whole presentation make it a notable watch.


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