PM-KISAN’s Letter To Agriculture Minister To Distribute Money To Farmers Through The State

PM-KISAN's Letter To Agriculture Minister To Distribute Money To Farmers
PM-KISAN's Letter To Agriculture Minister To Distribute Money To Farmers

The farmers of Bengal are not getting money for the Trinamool government. Union Home Minister Amit Shah made the allegation during a two-day visit last week. However, Mamata Banerjee denied the allegations and claimed that they had sent a letter in September to give money to the farmers. But the condition is the same, the key to the delivery system will be in the hands of the state. 

At a press conference in Navanne, Mamata said she had written to Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar to sanction the money. In this context, it is also mentioned that he also wrote a letter in September. Mamata said the state government was already providing financial assistance to farmers, including sharecroppers. At the same time, if the money is received from the center, it will also be given to the farmers. It is also written in the letter that the state will send a detailed list of farmers when the money arrives. 

Prior to the last vote, the Center started a project to help farmers where they were paid Rs 500 per month and Rs 6,000 per year. Amit Shah complained at a meeting in Bolpur that 2.3 million farmers in Bengal wanted to join PM Kisan but the Mamata government was blocking them. The BJP leader alleged that the state was not sending the list of farmers to the Center. 

In reply, Mamata submitted a letter to you today. The Chief Minister also said that the state government does not want to allow the Center to take political advantage of the issue of giving money to the farmers in any way and that is why it is a plea to send money through the state. He said the state would do all the work from Kovid to Amfan, while the Center would like to take credit. 


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