Sensational Persons Will Gather At The Bangla Academy On Sunday To Stand By Amartya Sen

Sensational Persons Will Gather At The Bangla Academy On Sunday To Stand By Amartya Sen
Sensational Persons Will Gather At The Bangla Academy On Sunday To Stand By Amartya Sen

In the land dispute of Amartya Sen’s family with Visva-Bharati, the state’s elites are going to protest this time. They will gather in front of the Bangla Academy in Kolkata at 3 pm on Sunday to protest the letter sent by Visva-Bharati to Amartya Sen. 

Recently, Visva-Bharati sent a letter to Santiniketan claiming a land adjacent to Amartya Sene’s ancestral home ‘Pratichi’. On Thursday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was the first to speak out against the letter. Mamata wrote to the Nobel laureate on Friday that she was on Amartya Sen’s side in the dispute. Only then did the debate take on another dimension.

It is learned that the state’s biotechnology minister Bratya Basu is the organizer of Sunday’s protest rally. Trinamool intellectuals will also be present at the meeting. May be, Joy Goswami, Shubha Prasanna, Narsingh Prasad Bhaduri, Subodh Sarkar, Yogen Chowdhury. 

Regarding Visva-Bharati’s letter to Amartya Sen, Bratya Basu said, ‘The Sen family has been a resident of Santiniketan since the very beginning. The family has a long tradition. Amartya Sen himself is a Nobel laureate. One should think before talking about him. His family is deeply involved in Rabindranath’s thoughts.

This time, Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen opened his mouth in the Santiniketan home debate. He said that even though the house was built about 60 years ago, no irregularities were reported. This time too he was not informed in a letter on behalf of Visva-Bharati University. University authorities are only opening their mouths in the media. Amartya Babu also said that he would take legal action if necessary.

Recently, the university authorities claimed that Visva-Bharati’s own land had entered the ‘pratichi’ of the Nobel-winning economists in Santiniketan. Rajatkanta Roy, while handling the duties of the Vice-Chancellor, verbally informed Amartya Babu about the matter more than once. But Visva-Bharati claimed that Amartya Babu did not comment on it. In response to a question in the wake of that allegation, the Chief Minister on Thursday alleged that a man like Amartya Babu was being attacked for opening his mouth against the BJP government. Later on Friday, Mamata wrote a letter to Amartya Babu assuring him to stay by her side. At the same time, he requested to consider her as a ‘friend and sister’.

In the midst of that controversy, Amartya Babu said, the land of ‘Pratichi’ was taken on a long-term lease. His term is still there. In an interview with ABP Anand, Amartya Babu said that although the house was built about 60 years ago, no complaint has been lodged so far. But all of a sudden he is opening his mouth about it. He said, “The Chief Minister has sent a letter expressing sympathy in this regard, there is nothing to be sad about. But why did Visva-Bharati suddenly start lying like this..maybe there is a political reason for that. And the Chief Minister has also said a couple of things about what could be the reason. He also told me in a letter. He has spoken about it in the general discussion as a statement.

Amartya Babu has been speaking against the ideology of BJP for a long time. Criticized on multiple issues. Part of the claim, that is why allegations have been made against Amartya Babu about the land. The principal of that university is Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. Nobel laureate economists, like themselves, may be accused of speaking out against communalism. “There may be a political motive behind the war being waged from the vice-chancellor’s office,” he said. Why not that the power towards the political parties and they are grateful, I have seen a lot of reason to criticize them. Because I was born in Bengal – Santiniketan. I grew up in Santiniketan and Dhaka. Among the thoughts we have are Rabindranath (Tagore), Nazrul (Islam). Apart from that, it is very unfortunate for me to be communal on one side only. I never thought it would add up. After the letter of the Chief Minister, it seems that there is a definite addition.


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