The First Phase Of Vaccination In India Will Cost-140-160 Crore

'Not Confident', Chhattisgarh Health Minister Opposes The Use Of Covaxine
'Not Confident', Chhattisgarh Health Minister Opposes The Use Of Covaxine

Despite the support of the COVAX International Vaccine-Sharing Project, India will have to spend 1.40 billion in the first phase of COVA vaccination. This was recently reported by the GAVI Vaccine Alliance.

India, the world’s second-largest Covid patient after the United States, plans to vaccinate its 300 million citizens within six to eight months. This work will probably use Russian-made Sputnik-V, AstraZeneca, Zydus Cadillac and Covid vaccines made by indigenous Indian biotech companies. 

According to Reuters, a dose of  600 million will be needed in the first phase to vaccinate the most vulnerable workers and vulnerable citizens, including Covid fighters. 

If India receives 19 to 250 million doses of vaccine under the COVAX project, the government will have to spend another  1.4 billion, according to a report prepared by GAVI for a three-day board meeting. 

By comparison, the 2020-21 central budget allocated a total of  1,000 billion to the health sector.

India Biotech has announced that 13,000 volunteers have been selected for the clinical trial of the third phase of the covid vaccine ‘Kovacin’, a vaccine made entirely in India using indigenous technology. 

The covacin vaccine has been developed with the help of ICMR and the National Institute of Virology at the company’s Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory in Genome Valley on the outskirts of Hyderabad. On November 26, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the India Biotech laboratory and spoke to scientists. Modi congratulated them on their success in the vaccine trial. 

After the Prime Minister’s visit, a total of 64 ambassadors from different countries visited the India Biotech laboratory. They have researched in detail about the vaccine to prevent Covid-19. 

A statement from the agency said covacin was launched in mid-November for a third phase of clinical trials. In the case of the covid vaccine, it is India’s first and only third-stage activation test and the largest trial of any vaccine in the country to date, the manufacturer claims. 

The vaccine was administered to about 1,000 volunteers in the first and second phase of clinical trials, the results of which confirmed the safety and prevention of the vaccine. India Biotech claims that the vaccine has been praised in several international medical journals.

Suchitra Ella, the joint managing director of the organization, said the vaccine trial of this size had never been held in India before and they were overwhelmed by the spontaneous response from volunteers. Their goal is to complete the third phase of the trial on a total of 26,000 volunteers, Ella said.


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