Calcutta Book Fair Suspended For An Unknown Period

Calcutta Book Fair Suspended For An Unknown Period
Calcutta Book Fair Suspended For An Unknown Period

The Calcutta Book Fair has been postponed indefinitely.  The decision was taken because of the Corona situation, according to the Publishers and Book Sellers Guild, the organizing body of the book fair. On behalf of the concerned organization, Tridib Chattopadhyay informed today that the Calcutta International Book Fair was to be held from 26 January to 6 February 2021.  This time the theme country was Bangladesh.  It was decided to make this theme on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Bangabandhu Mujibur Rahman.  But the incidence of the corona is increasing day by day.  This deadly virus has appeared on him in a new form.  And keeping this situation in mind, the Calcutta Book Fair is being kept closed for the time being.

 Significantly, scientists believe that the new strain of the coronavirus is even more harmful.  Lockdown has even been issued in America, London, Paris.  Closed all international flights from European countries.  Naturally, the guild does not want to organize a book fair in this situation.  However, if the situation is favorable in 2021, the date of the new book fair will be announced.


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