Concerned About Corona’s New Strain, Mamata Told Officials To Be Ready

Concerned About Corona's New Strain, Mamata Told Officials To Be Ready
Concerned About Corona's New Strain, Mamata Told Officials To Be Ready

Concerns have been raised about a new strain of coronavirus (Austria) in some European countries, including England. There have also been calls for a halt to flights from that country. This time the same concern was heard on the face of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. At an administrative meeting in Birbhum on Monday, she instructed government officials to be ready for the new strain of Kovid 19.

“A new strain of coronavirus has appeared in England and is said to be stronger,” hse said. A second wave of infection may come. We should be ready for this. Several countries, including England and Italy, have resumed lockdowns. We should be more careful in this regard. We have to make arrangements so that this situation is not created in this country

The Chief Minister was addressing an administrative meeting in Birbhum district on the same day. Top bureaucrats of the state government were also present at the meeting. That’s when Mamata warned everyone about it. However, Mamata Banerjee expressed hope that the number of daily infections in the state was declining day by day.

Meanwhile, the corona of two passengers returning from England to Kolkata on December 21 has been caught. It was the last return flight to Calcutta before the flight from England to India was canceled on 23 December. It may be mentioned that on November 1, the number of active covid cases in West Bengal was 36,071. On December 26, it decreased to 13,084. So far 5 lakh 46 thousand 443 people have been infected with corona in the state and 9598 of them have died.


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