Not Just Mamata, Kailash’s Tweet Insulted The Women Of The Country

Not Just Mamata, Kailash's Tweet Insulted The Women Of The Country
Not Just Mamata, Kailash's Tweet Insulted The Women Of The Country

Kailash Vijayavargiya, the general secretary of the BJP, became the victim of the wrath of the grassroots women MPs by attacking Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.  On her way back from Bolpur last Wednesday, Mamata suddenly appeared in the village of Ballabhpurdanga.  At the far end of that village are the tea shops of Babu Bagdi and Menka Bagdi.  The Chief Minister of the state went to the shop and talked to them and started cooking.  He started cooking panchmisali curry in a big pan with a pickaxe.  Those videos and pictures went viral on social media.  Kailash Vijayavargiya got the nickname ‘Unisometer’ by posting a picture in it.

 But what did the Central Observer of West Bengal write?  On December 31, he tweeted a picture of Mamata cooking, and wrote,  He has ‘pinned’ the handle.  So that everyone sees that tweet at the beginning of his profile.  Two days after that tweet, today, Wednesday, there was a response from the ruling Trinamool Shibir.  On the same day, two women Trinamool MPs and a minister tweeted that Kailash’s tweet had insulted not only the Chief Minister but also Indian women.

 On Saturday morning, Barasat MP Dr Kakli Ghosh tweeted to Dastidar women, “If you are a woman and want to join politics, know that our country’s BJP is plagued by misogyny.”  They are trying to send women to the kitchen.  We can’t imagine how low the respect of the women of Kailash Vijayavargi’s family is. ‘  The BJP has crossed all levels of humiliation of women.  Mamata Banerjee is the only female Chief Minister of India.  And the BJP attacked him again and said bad things.  It’s a shame. “

 Shashi Panja, the state’s women and child welfare minister, tweeted on the same day, “The BJP has shown its true colors again.  It is clear from Kailash Vijayavargi’s tweet what they think of India’s only female chief minister.  It has proved once again that our women are not safe under the BJP rule. ‘  The state BJP claimed that IPAC and Prashant Kishore were behind the tweets of the three women MPs.  All of these tweets were directed by them, even two days after the incident!


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