Sourav Has Been Given ‘Pressure’, Trying To Use It For ‘Political Gain’: Ashok Bhattacharya

Sourav Has Been Given 'Pressure', Trying To Use It For 'Political Gain': Ashok Bhattacharya
Sourav Has Been Given 'Pressure', Trying To Use It For 'Political Gain': Ashok Bhattacharya

However, CPIM leader Ashok Bhattacharya has sparked controversy by claiming that some people are using Sourav Ganguly for their own ‘political interests’.  ‘Pressure’ was made on him.

 The former minister of state came to Woodlands Hospital on Sunday morning to see Sourav.  He later told the media about Sourav’s health, “If there are more specialist doctors, they should be consulted.  Healed, you don’t have to think about it.  He still has to follow the advice of doctors.

 Asked if Saurabh had fallen ill due to work and surroundings, Ashok said, “Under pressure, pressure means one.  The way we saw it on paper, it was not desirable.  Sourav is a man from another world, we want to be in that world.  It will be everyone’s favorite.  But some people suddenly think that they can be used to further their political interests.  Those who have done this, (because of him) have been under some pressure.  No, I will not say that.  It is not desirable. ‘

 The former minister has always had a good relationship with Sourav.  Sourav went to his house to see the sick Ashok.  His book has been published by the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).  Ashok also came to Sourav’s house on December 30.  Discussed privately for an hour.  A few days ago, Saurabh met Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar at Raj Bhavan.  The next day, Feroze Shah Kotla of Delhi appeared on the same stage with the Union Home Minister at a function.  Due to this, before the assembly vote, there was a lot of speculation about Sourav’s political future.  Though Sourav himself avoided that speculation, Ashok advised Sourav not to enter politics.

 Rabira also gave the same advice to Sourav.  Said, ‘Sourav wants to be in the world that he is in naturally.  Sourav never told me (about joining politics).  I also told him, I don’t want you to be involved in any politics.  He did not disagree with me.  However, Ashok did not directly comment on whether the illness was due to that ‘pressure’.  He just said, ‘I can’t say that, doctors can say that.  But I want only one thing, that at this moment he should not be under any emotional or political pressure.  It is the duty of all of us to see that. ‘


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