Vegetarian Bengali Dishes

Vegetarian Bengali Dishes
Vegetarian Bengali Dishes

We, Bengali people are always known as a foodie, whenever we are upset or hungry, the first thing comes in our mind that is trying new foods every time. We love everything from veg or non-veg sections. Here I am listing out a few of the mouth-watering vegetarian Bengali dishes which are a must-try for everyone.

1.Bhaja moog daaler khichuri:

This is a staple food during any Pujo at a Bengali home or when it rains. This special khichuri is made with fried Moong Daal and tastes amazing with a dollop of Ghee.

2. Shukto:

This delicious dish is a combination ofmany different vegetables, with bitter gourd being a key ingredient.  The subtle taste of bitterness amongst the many flavours of vegetables makes this dish unique. Trust me this special Bengali dish will make you fall in love with the bitter flavour, if you are not already!

3. Aloor Dum:

From street to every household, the ever pleasant aloor dum is one of the most loved dishes in Bengali cuisine.  It tastes best with Luchi or pulao or even with just a dash of lemon, green chillies and freshly chopped onion.

4. Dhokar Dalna:

A masterpiece of Bengali vegetarian cuisine, this is one of my all time favourite dishes! It is a curry of lentil cakes made of chana daal, deep fried and boiled in a gravy made of ginger and tomatoes with spices like cumin and coriander.

5. Labra:

It is another item made with mixed vegetables. Don’t go by its name, it is a speciality, only to be had with Khichuri and when served hot with some ghee spread over it, the taste is to die for! As someone had rightly said, “Khichuri is not khichuri without Labra”


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