Anubhav Sinha Opens His Mouth At KIFF

Anubhav Sinha Opens His Mouth At KIFF
Anubhav Sinha Opens His Mouth At KIFF

“I am terrified of what is going on with the peasant movement.” Director Anubhav Sinha opened his mouth about the peasant movement at the Calcutta International Film Festival on Saturday. The whole country is busy with the peasant movement. One farmer suicide after another is happening. Just then, Anubhav Sinha came to KIFF and opened his mouth for the first time. In his words, he is terrified of what is happening. 

On Saturday, Anubhav Sinha praised the legendary director in a commemorative speech at KIFF. In his words, when he saw ‘Pather Panchali’ as a child, he thought the film was very slow. But later he understood the real meaning of ‘Pather Panchali’. Anubhav Sinha referred to it as the institution of Bengali directors. On this day, he brought up the topic of his own films ‘Thappar’, ‘Mulk’ and ‘Article 15’ in the context of social responsibility of cinema. In his words, the issue of society and women has repeatedly come up in his films. The discussion goes on about what we will consider as society. Anubhav Sinha believes that the language of cinema can change the outlook of the society.

Meanwhile, after returning from KIFF, Sinha did not forget to thank Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in a tweet on Sunday. In the context of Kolkata, he tweeted, “Some cities never change. Kolkata is such a city. Thanks to Kolkata International Film Festival forgiving love. Thanks also to Didi Mamata Mamata Banerjee for conducting the show so beautifully. Thanks to Kolkata for watching the movie. See you again. “


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