The Situation In Kashmir Is ‘Extremely Worrying’, Said The British Minister

The Situation In Kashmir Is 'Extremely Worrying', Said The British Minister
The Situation In Kashmir Is 'Extremely Worrying', Said The British Minister

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom himself was invited on Republic Day. He is not coming, of course. But this time Boris Johnson’s government made India uneasy over the Kashmir issue. Although London has said it will not shy away from Kashmir in line with its long-standing policy, the British minister described the current situation in the valley as “extremely worrying”.

In response to a question during an hour-long debate on the “political situation in Kashmir”, Asian Affairs Minister Nigel Adams urged the Indian government to lift the ban on gatherings and communications in Kashmir. Allegations of human rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir were discussed at the debate by Conservative and Labor MPs. Adams said many have been concerned about the situation in Jammu and Kashmir since the repeal of Article 370 of the constitution in August 2019. However, London does not want to play the role of mediator between India and Pakistan. “The situation in Kashmir is undoubtedly very worrying for this government,” he said. I would like to emphasize that the policy of the government is unchanged. In our view, a lasting political solution to the situation lies with India and Pakistan. Which will be according to the will of the people of Kashmir. 

He added that Jammu and Kashmir was considered very important to Britain. He said open talks were being held with the governments of India and Pakistan. “We have repeatedly expressed concern to the Indian government over the detention and restrictions (in Jammu and Kashmir). The Foreign Secretary (Dominic Raab) also raised the issue during his visit to India last month (New Delhi).

The Indian High Commission dismissed the allegations in a statement issued after the British minister’s remarks. The statement said that Jammu and Kashmir was “on the path of good governance and rapid development” as a result of the August 5, 2019 administrative reshuffle. It has met the expectations of the people there for a secure life. Because they are now able to protect their lives, livelihoods and futures from outside-backed violence and terrorism. At the same time, the High Commission has made it clear that New Delhi does not like India’s foreign affairs to be discussed in any foreign parliament. The High Commission will continue discussions with MPs and the British government to avoid misconceptions and misinformation about India.


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