Online Classes For Children During Lockdown

Online Classes For Children During Lockdown
Online Classes For Children During Lockdown

As kids make the transition from toddlerhood to childhood, they grow at a remarkable rate. Their language skills develop during their growth and they frequently ask “why?” So, when you are trying to teach your kids, you really should listen to them as well as depict your ideas about their problem. So here I am listing out few of the easy basics to teach your children properly.

Ask open-ended questions.

 Because children are developing foundational language skills during this time period, it’s important to engage them in communication as much as possible. Asking them open minded questions will definitely be one of the possible ideas to make them comfortable with you. Ask them any types of questions you want to teach from your own point of view.

Listen to children and answer their questions.

Children will naturally come up with questions while learning something new. Take time to listen to their questions and encourage them to think of an answer to their own questions. They can talk continuously, if you don’t want to listen to them, they will not learn anything. So, the first step you should take is listening to your children and just keep correcting according to your convenience.

Play pretends games with your children.

Playing house or other types of fantasy play is very important for children’s imaginations as well as their social, emotional, and language development. Playing will them is the most loved activities around them, they will enjoy mostly and they will play till they get tired.


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