The Schools In The State Are Going To Open Next Month

The Schools In The State Are Going To Open Next Month
The Schools In The State Are Going To Open Next Month

The schools in the state are going to open next month, i.e. in February, after ten consecutive months of cowardly conditions.  If Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee accepts the school education department’s proposal, normal reading will resume in February.  The hope of the education department is that when the school reopens, the students will also return to rhythm when regular reading starts again.

 The Chief Minister has been informed on behalf of the school education department that classes have not been held in any school in the state since March due to Corona alert.  Secondary and higher secondary examinations will start from June.  Those who will give secondary this time, even though they have been in class for two and a half months, the students of higher secondary have not studied in a single class.  The government has made arrangements for online education.  However, it is not possible to conduct practical classes through virtual.  In this situation, the education department wants to open the school next month step by step following the covid rules.

The list of practical examination subjects for Higher Secondary and Class XI has reached every school.  The written test for higher secondary and class XI will run from June 15 to July 3.  But the practical test must be taken between 10 and 31 March.  Students must send their numbers to Parliament by April 20.  In this situation, the teachers have demanded that the students need at least some time to practice.  That demand has also reached Education Minister Partha Chatterjee in writing.

According to sources, the school education department has sent a note to the chief minister.  There, it is said, the work of sanitation in schools is completely over.  Teachers and educators are taking turns going to school.  Regular mid-day meal items have also been distributed since the start of the lockdown.  In this case, the school should be allowed to open in February in accordance with the covid rules.  It will benefit the students.


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