A New History By Two Indian Daughters

A New History by two Indian Daughters
A New History by two Indian Daughters

A new history was written on the 72nd Republic Day.  This is the first time that two women pilots of the Indian Air Force (IAF) have taken part in the Republic Day parade in Delhi.  One on the ground, the other in the bosom of the sky is a unique example.  Bhabana Kantha and Swati Rathore.  They demonstrated the position of women in the military power of the country.  These two names are engraved in gold letters in history.

 Flight Lieutenant Bhabana Kantha, 26, became the first female fighter pilot to take part in the Air Force Tablo.  The defense tableau features light combat aircraft, helicopters and Sukhoi-30 fighter jets.  Thoughts can be seen saluting there.  Flight Lieutenant Swati Rathore, on the other hand, was in a Mi-17 V5 helicopter.  A total of four choppers were seen at the flypast parade at that time.  Swati took part in it.  Made a new history.

 Born in a small village in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district, Swati had dreamed of flying in the sky since childhood.  At the end of his school life, he joined the ACC Air Force branch.  Only then can her parents understand how much her daughter is interested in this subject.  While at ACC, he won gold in shooting.  Later in 2014, he passed the Air Force exam for the first time.  Elected to the Flying Branch.  His grandfather is in the Indian Navy.On the other hand, Bhabna Kantha, daughter of Begusarai, Bihar, is currently working in Rajasthan.  In 2016, she was elected the country’s first female fighter pilot.  However, he was not alone, with Abani Chaturvedi and Mohna Singh elected along with him.  Think about the MiG-21 Bison Fighter Jet.  Note that the Wing Commander Abhinandan was also on board this aircraft.  However, Bhabna said that he wants to fly not only MiG-21 but also other fighter planes like Rafale or Sukhoi.


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