Demonstrations Surrounding The Peasant Movement In Delhi

Demonstrations Surrounding The Peasant Movement In Delhi
Demonstrations Surrounding The Peasant Movement In Delhi

Thunderstorms in Delhi in the middle of Republic Day.  The police clashed with the protesting farmers.  Several protesters and policemen were injured in the incident. According to news agency ANI, police in Delhi’s Sanjay Gandhi Transport City lashed out at protesting farmers.  Tear gas is also thrown.  This morning also a tractor procession of farmers arrives from Tsinghu border.  Even then the agitating peasants broke the police barricade.  The police charged with retaliation.  All in all, Delhi is a very hot capital.

 It is to be noted that the protest against the agricultural law has been going on for almost two months.  Farmers have organized a mega tractor rally after entering the capital from Delhi’s Singhu border on Republic Day.  Whose rehearsal has already been completed.  For now, this proposed tractor rally is raising blood pressure at the center.  In fact, the farmers’ organizations have met 11 times with the Center to find a solution.  But all in vain.  Following a recent case in the Supreme Court, the Center has decided that the new agricultural law will not come into force for a year and a half.  It was thought that their decision was to curb the farmers’ protest.  But at last Friday’s meeting, the agitating farmers made it clear that the law should be repealed, not suspended.  That is, the farmers are adamant in their demands. A protesting farmer approached Hiraben, the mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, demanding repeal of the Agriculture Act.  The farmer, Harprit Singh, appealed to the PM’s mother to persuade her child to repeal the agriculture law.


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