New China Policy Of Biden

Demanding Suu Kyi's Release, The Myanmar Army Is Under Pressure From The UN And Biden
Demanding Suu Kyi's Release, The Myanmar Army Is Under Pressure From The UN And Biden

President Joe Biden has come to power after a reshuffle in the US House of Representatives.  And with the rule in hand, he has cleared his ‘China policy’.  The White House said in a statement on Monday that the United States was committed to “stopping China’s bigotry in the economic arena.”

 “China has become aggressive over the past few years, posing a major security challenge to the international community. We will work with our allies to prevent the abuse of Chinese power in the economic arena,” White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie told a news conference.  “Beijing will be dealt with in an alliance with its allies. The current tariffs on Chinese goods will be scrutinized. If necessary, tariffs may be imposed on those products at an increased rate.”  “The Chinese government is hurting American workers. Technically, the country is blunting us,” he said.

 After Donald Trump’s departure from the White House, many thought that Biden would show a softer attitude towards China.  But Washington has made it clear that speculation is futile.  Recently, the United States has also issued a stern warning to China over Taiwan.  Three days ago, several Chinese fighter jets crashed near the Taiwan border.  About a dozen fighter jets crossed Taiwan’s airspace on Sunday.  However, the warplanes have already returned to the mainland.  The U.S. then reported that the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt entered the South China Sea to maintain freedom of navigation.  In other words, the United States has made it clear that they will not hesitate to engage in military conflict if necessary.


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