Recruitment Of 1.1 Lakh Posts, ‘Internship’ In Government Offices, Training Of IAS-IPS

Recruitment Of 1.1 Lakh Posts, 'Internship' In Government Offices, Training Of IAS-IPS
Recruitment Of 1.1 Lakh Posts, 'Internship' In Government Offices, Training Of IAS-IPS

Find out what steps have been taken for the job.

The Trinamool Congress government is facing opposition attacks on employment ahead of the Assembly polls.  In the second phase, in the last budget, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee tried to dispel that allegation.  The state government has taken a number of steps, from creating employment opportunities to internship opportunities for young men and women.  Take a look at what Mamata did for the job –

 1.Mamata assured that in the next five years, 1.5 crore new jobs will be created in various sectors of the state including government, private and semi-government.

 2.’Yubashakti’ project is being launched for the employment of young men and women.  Under that project, 10,000 people will be recruited every three years.  They will get the opportunity to do ‘internships’ in different departments of the state government.  That means you can work as an apprentice.  At the end of the internship, they will be assigned to various government jobs on a priority basis.

 3.The chief minister said there were 50,000 vacancies in various departments of the state.  The number of vacancies in the police is 60,921.  All vacancies will be filled within the next three years.  That is why Tk 20 crore has been allocated in the next financial year.

 4.Special residential training is being arranged at the ‘Administrative Training Institute’ so that the youth of West Bengal can get more success in IAS and IPS examinations in all-India fields.  100 people will be admitted every year.  The state government will bear the cost of their accommodation and education.  At the same time, they will be given a monthly stipend.

 5.The Chief Minister claimed that Deucha Panchami Coal Block, Commercial Oil Extraction Center at Ashoknagar, Special Industrial Corridor, Silicon Valley, Singure Agro-Industrial Park, Hasimara Industrial Park, Tajpur Deep Sea Port, Other Industrial Parks, Small and Medium Enterprises  Many developmental works will directly and indirectly create employment for a lot of people.


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