As Soon As He Tweeted, Indian Railways Extended Helping Hand

As Soon As He Tweeted, Indian Railways Extended Helping Hand
As Soon As He Tweeted, Indian Railways Extended Helping Hand

Sir, my sister will appear in the BTC exam, but the train on which she has a reservation is two and a half hours late.  He thinks it will not be possible to give the test anymore. ”  This worried tweet was posted by a young man from Uttar Pradesh by tagging Railways on Wednesday morning.  Shortly afterwards, the speed of the train increased, and the train quickly reached Varanasi.  Due to the increase in the speed of the train, the sister of the young man reached the college on time and could take the exam.  The student and her brother thanked Indian Railways for this admirable work.Nazia Tabassum of Gazipur district is a student of BTC.  His exam on Wednesday was at Vallabh Vidyapeeth Inter College in Varanasi from 12 noon.  Tabassum Chapra had booked reservation tickets from Mau to Varanasi on the Varanasi City Express.  The train was scheduled to arrive at Mau Junction at 7.25 am.  But the train arrives at the station two and a half hours late.

 Tabassum told his brother Anwar that he feared the train would reach Varanasi late.  Anwar then immediately tweeted to the Railways highlighting the problem with the train number.  Railway officials, realizing Anwar’s problem, took immediate action and filled the time gap by increasing the speed of the train.  The train driver then increased the speed of the train and the train reached Varanasi within two hours from Mau.Nazia Tabassum can reach the college at the right time and take the exam for this cooperation of the railways.  PRO Ashok Kumar said, “Our first duty is to solve the problems of the passengers.  As soon as we got the news, we started trying to solve the problem of that student.Many leaders of various parties appreciated this thing.


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