Hal Gave 5 Light Helicopters Made In The Country To Indian Navy And Coast Guard

Hal Gave 5 Light Helicopters Made In The Country To Indian Navy And Coast Guard
Hal Gave 5 Light Helicopters Made In The Country To Indian Navy And Coast Guard

The Indian Navy had entered into an agreement with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited or HAL to supply a total of 16 Advanced Light Helicopters (ALHs).  As part of that agreement, three ALH Mk IIIs and two ALHs were handed over to the Indian Navy on Friday, February 5, the defense ministry said in a statement. Aero India 2021 is being held at an air force station at Yelhankar in Bangalore.  During the show, the helicopters were handed over to Hall Chairman and Managing Director R Madhavan, Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh and Coast Guard Director General K Natarajan.

 ALHs have a record of nearly 300,000 hours of flight experience and participation in various missions.  The ALHMK3 has a cockpit made of sophisticated glass and is fitted with a high-powered ‘power engine’.  According to the agreement, 19 new and very important integrations have been made with the current system of ALH MK3.The world’s largest state-owned aerospace ‘player’ Hall recently signed a Rs 47,000 crore deal with the Indian Air Force to supply 63 light combat aircraft (LCAs) to the Tejas MK1.  The IAF also ordered 63 warplanes and 10 training aircraft. Private companies have also contributed to the development of the Mark-1A platform.  Private companies such as VEM Technologies, DTL, Larsen & Toubro, Alpha Tokol, TAML, Data Patterns, Pendios, etc. will work hand in hand with state-owned companies to ensure the country’s defense.

A release said that the remaining helicopters are under various stages of production and flight trials, and would be handed over in due course. The contract involved integration of 19 systems into Mk III.Meanwhile, HAL received initial operation clearance for the Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) from CEMILAC on Friday. The PSU is in the phase of integration and flight testing of mission role equipment. The LUH is a 3-ton-class new-generation single-engine helicopter designed and developed indigenously.

As part of the 16 Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) agreement, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HL) on Friday (February 5th) handed over three ALHMK IIIs and two ALHs to the Indian Navy, the defense ministry said in a statement.Helicopters during the ongoing Aero India 2021 at Air Force Station Yelhanka in Bangalore have been handed over to HL Chairman and Managing Director, R Madhavan of Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh and Director General Coastguard K Natarajan.ALH has shut down nearly 300,000 incremental aircraft times and proved its subtlety in multifaceted activities.  The ALHMK III is fitted with a state-of-the-art glass cockpit and powerful power engine.  The agreement involves the integration of 19 major systems with the existing ALH MK III.

  Recently, the state-owned aerospace behemoth HAL has signed a Rs 48,000 crore contract with the Indian Air Force for the supply of 73 light combat aircraft (LCAs) Tejas MK1.  The order includes 73 fighter jets and 10 training aircraft, and the Mark-1 platform will be proud of 43 developments compared to the Mark-1 jets for which the IAF has previously ordered. The Mark-1A involves the contribution of private sector companies in building the platform, including VEM Technologies, DTL, Larsen & Toubro, Alpha Tokal, TAML, Data Patterns, Pendios, Computer Systems and many more.


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