Generic Aadhaar Pharma Company has launched Mobile App to Connect India


Mumbai:- Mr. Ratan Tata Sir’s and 18yrs Arjun Deshpande’s Generic Aadhaar Pharma Company is Going Digital now has launched Mobile App to Connect India. All dignitaries including Ratan tata have gathered to celebrate the successful launch of the “Generic Aadhaar” Mobile Online Application for connecting Healthcare across India Digitally. This is a dream project of making India a better place for Lifesaving drugs and also to support the Indian Family’s to reduce their Monthly budget of highly expensive Medicine Bills.

Generic Aadhaar revolutionary shaken the pharma industry & extended the Strong Support to the Single Retail Stores and recorded to reach 100+cities across India in just 4months span. These Single Retail stores across the world who played a key role and stepped forward in serving the society via their stores helped the common man on ground level during the Pandemic.


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