World’s First Covid-19 Patient Received Lung Tissue Transplant From Living Donors


COVID-19 cases may be escalating in the world, but the doctor of Japan has made history in the world. Yes, during the press meet Japan Doctor’s informed that they have successfully performed the world’s first transplant of lung tissue from living donors to a patient with grievous lung damage from COVID-19. A thoracic surgeon Dr. Hiroshi Date who led the operation successfully said “Now, we exhibit that there is an option of Lung Transplant.” However, the operation took 11 hours and was conducted at Kyoto University Hospital by a 30-member team headed by Dr. Date. The donor is stable and fine informed Kyoto University Hospital. Further, the university revealed that the surgery was transplanted from brain-dead donors in Japan is very rare, and living donors are considered a more realistic option for patients.

By Priti


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