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Subhead: If either of the answer of it end up with ‘Yes’ then you can call yourself a coffee junkie.

Do you find yourself taking frequent coffee breaks at work or in the house? Or, does your day just not take off till you’ve sipped on a cup of warm, delicious coffee?
If either of the answer of it end up with ‘Yes’ then you can call yourself a coffee junkie. You deserve to treat yourself to the finest brews with a twist. Kolkata offers a lot of such cafes and coffee corners. But what does ‘Craft Coffee’ have which makes it so special from the lot?
When every business during pandemic came down to a pause, Abhinav Kumar picked up a new lesson and paved a new path. He came up with a brand new endeavor called ‘CRAFT COFFEE’, a go-to destination from the millennials. To challenge the taste bud and give coffee a new twist, spending a ‘me time’ at ‘Craft Coffee’ at Park Street is the perfect idea.
The first outlet opened at Trincas at 17, Park Street on March 2021.

Speaking about the ambience of the place, it focus on the technicalities and art form to produce. They focus on technically specific temperatures, flavor profiles and methods of brewing (like syphon, drip, French press, aeropress).
While speaking with Abhinav Kumar, he said, ” The smell of coffee hits our brain directly. With the rising disposable income coffee consumption especially the specialty handcrafted artisanal coffee has always been on the rise. A good cup of coffee is what the millennials want with a perfect blend of taste. With work from home and adjusting with the new normal, coffee somehow adjust itself and we are witnessing a sudden spike during this phase. Craft coffee is all about making speciality coffee at an affordable range.”

Menu served:

Cascara koombucha
Coffee cocktails
oat milk latte
oat milk Frappuccino and many more.

Breakfast Menu:

Omelettes (try the mozzarella mushroom) and Toasted Sandwiches (chicken & chive toastie)
Desserts (cheesecake and apple pie!) along with freshly brewed coffees

Time: 9 AM (Monday- Sunday).

By: Riya Siddhacharjee


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