On the basis of what Covishield price has placed From 150 To 600?


After Covishield prices released by the Serum Institute of India (SII) many questions have erupted that need to be answered, Yes, as per the clarification by SII, it was charging the union government around Rs 150 per dose for its vaccine. From May 1, when the pricing is fetterless and the government has given state governments as well as private hospitals to buy from it. Though it will charge Rs 400 a dose to both central and state governments and Rs 600 a dose to private hospitals. It will expand its vaccine production capacity, reserve about 50% of this for the union government, and then sell the rest to states and private hospitals.

Now, the big question strikes here if 50% reserved for the Union government then how the rest of the vaccine can be distributed across the country. Further, So it is hard to understand why the price for even the government will shoot up from Rs 150 to Rs 400 when volumes go up. On the other hand, The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine sells for between $2 and $4 dollars in the US, UK, and EU. Covishield is the same vaccine produced under license by SII. then wy is cost higher than AstraZeneca. The fact is AstraZeneca has signed a not-for-profit pledge for the first 400 or 500 million doses. So one can safely assume that it costs AstraZeneca a little less than $2 and $4 in its different product lines in different geographies. At any rate it would be hard to imagine SII’s production costs for Covishield are higher than AstraZeneca’s production costs for it.

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