The ‘Willy Wanka’ of Kolkata: Dacres Lane


When monsoon season is accompanied with a cup of tea, a newspaper in hand and the smell of ‘bheja maati’, then the time spent becomes quite memorable.

A chunk of history along with a cluster of flavours stayed intact for more than 200 years in the old Dacres Lane.
The history attached to this place, formerly known as James Hickey Sarani is that the Lane was named after Philip Milner Dacre, a Calcutta Collector.
The busy narrow alley which feeds hundred of office goers on BBD Bagh Street is craved with history. Dacres Lane is a journey, that one needs to savour. The number of stalls and the varieties of scents might overwhelm one’s senses.
Speaking about famous stalls, how can one forget the famous Chitto Da’s stall- the ordinary buttered toast has a different smell and feel to it, pieces of chicken in their chicken stew seem to melt on one’s tongue.

The list of stalls goes on, all of it cannot be enjoyed in a day and one has to come again and again to revel in their new found food paradise.
If you’re a foodie then you must know this place and hone your senses.

By: Riya Siddhacharjee IST 4:12PM


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