W.B Assembly Election Phase7: 742 People Were Arrested & 57 Bombs Has Been Recovered


After the phase seven ballot has completed Election Commission and Police officials called for the press meet to shares details of today’s election and informed that nearly 742 people were arrested, apart from this 11 people were arrested for violating section 144. Twelve people arrested for a specific offensive crime. However, various preventive provision of law has been followed, no bombs attacks occurred in this phase in spite of election held at sensitive places like Malda and Murshidabad, this is the most significant achievement for the police department. Police officials also added approx 57 bombs have been recovered 22 from Murshidabad, and 35 from Kolkata. Furthermore, it said throughout the election phase 7 was the most peaceful phase as no incident has been reported. Election Commission officers also stated that all COVID guidelines and protocols been followed.

News by Priti


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