Covaxin Price Reduced From ₹600 to ₹400


COVID-19 Covaxin Vaccine price is the most concerning factor for many, now repeatedly Covaxin price been criticized as too costly for the common people. Keeping Covaxin price in view Bharat Biotech declares that It will charge state governments ₹400 for a dose of Covaxin, instead of ₹600, as earlier announced. Bharat Biotech also informed that “Recognising the enormous challenges to the public health care system, we have made Covaxin available to state governments at a price of ₹400 per dose.” Hence, the third phase of vaccination against Covid-19 will begin from May 1 in which people between the age group of 18 and 44 years will be considered eligible to get vaccine doses.

News by Priti


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