INOX Air Products Increase Supply Of Oxygen, Will Oxygen Crisis Get Reduce?


Recently, INOX Air Products has emerged as one of the biggest suppliers of medical oxygen to the Centre as well as states and hospitals and its workers also ensure oxygen production, supply to 16 states. Now, if look after the cases in some states PIL filed for the supply of Oxygen. Recently, Central Government also lost a case in the Supreme court against the direction issued by the Karnataka High Court to increase the daily quota of liquid medical oxygen for the State of Karnataka to 1200 MT. It has been informed Several INOX Air Products workers have been engaged in the production of medical oxygen. As per the media reports, approx 178 COVID-19 Patients in India have died because of oxygen shortage in recent weeks. Keeping these views in mind, INOX has collaborated with ministers, chief ministers, government leaders, and senior bureaucrats to ensure the supply of liquid medical oxygen to over 800 hospitals in the entire country. Director of INOX Air Products Siddharth Jain is looking after the operation and working around clock to ensure the team morale is positive and motivated.

By Priti


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