From one lady to another: Happy Mother’s Day


Dear Maa, I hope I am the daughter you asked from almighty when I was in your womb.

‘She is someone who will never back out to help you..!’ – Anonymous

If there is anyone on the planet who comes close to being superhuman, it’s our mothers.
There’s no doubt without a day that she is our best friend. She will be our ‘go to lady’.

Irfaan Khan once said in a famous dialogue, as it goes by:

Doctor: ‘Kitne din se nahi soye ho?’
Irrfan’s character: char, panch din se.
Doctor: Aakhri bar thik se kab soye the?
Irrfan: (trying to memorise) Kab soye the.. Pechli baar jab apne gaon gya tha. Maa ki god me saar rakh le leta tha .! Waha ayi thi nind.

Such truth..! Isn’t it?
Its high time to show the amount of love they shower on us. Show her love not by posting a picture of her in social media.
Show her that much love by helping her in daily chores.
The endless love, support and appreciation from that lady is what we will cherish forever.
Question remains what can be done this year for her. Bake for her? Gift her something which she wanted for years? Or present her that song which will make her feel nostalgic.
That female who supports us without any say, we all need to send her some love.
We present you 3 beautiful songs to dedicate to your mom.

1. Tare Zameen Par : Shankar Mahadevan’s powerful voice in this moving song is unforgettable.
2. Mom by Meghan Trainor: Who better to have as a best friend than your mom? Meghan’s song will lift the mood. Express all your love in the form of an upbeat track.
3. Tu Kitni Achhi Hai: Sit back relax, make your maa sip any smoothy and make her listen to this song.

By: Riya Siddarcharjee


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