Fake Remdesivir Manufactured in Gujrat reaches patients through Social Media


MP: A gang circulated about 1,200 spurious Fake Remdesivir injections containing glucose water and salt in Madhya Pradesh. These injections were sold as genuine life-saving drug Remdesivir, which is in high demand for treating COVID-19.

The Gujarat Police arrested Sunil Mishra after the MP police passed on the information, while five accomplices of Mishra were arrested in Indore. Madhya Pradesh Police revealed that the gang, with the help of one Sunil Mishra, had supplied 1,200 fake Remdesivir injections in Madhya Pradesh in the last month.

The gang used to look for customers on social media and charged anywhere between Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000 per injection. Police have seized seven such injections manufactured in Gujarat, with the same batch numbers in Indore.

By Desk Reporter


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