JP Nadda Lashes Out At Congress President Says “Saddened But Not Surprised”


New Delhi:- The BJP president JP Nadda wrote a four-page letter to Sonia Gandhi a day after the Congress Working Committee slams Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his govt over the handling of the Covid crisis. “I am saddened but not surprised by the conduct of the Congress Party during these challenging times,” said Nadda. He further added “you party, under your leadership, is doing no favors to itself by opposing lockdowns and then demanding for the same, ignoring the Centre’s advisories on the second wave of COVID and then saying they did not get any information, holding massive election rallies elsewhere, supporting protest but speaking about following COVID guidelines.
While standing with Prime Minister JP Nadda said “PM Modi has been working closely with all arms of the government to add more momentum to the fight against the pandemic. Priority areas are augmenting medical capacities and ensuring adequate facilities to those suffering.”By Priti

By Priti


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