Oxygen Shortage Continues Nearly 186 COVID-19 Patients Died In India


Reportedly, the shortage of oxygen still continues in India, and recently, reports say that approx 186 COVID-19 Patients have died due to the shortage of oxygen. iI’s become a concerning issue for every state as numerous reports have been coming in of COVID-19 patients dying not of the disease itself, but because they were unable to get the oxygen support even while in hospital. So far, sources inform that more than 50 deaths have been attributed to an oxygen shortage by patients’ families, but the hospital authorities denied it. Now, the fact is questionable that in spite of an increasing the production and delivery of Oxygen cylinder lack of oxygen is still continued. Additionally, there were reports, Eleven Covid patients who were in the ICU died at a government hospital in Andhra Pradesh’s Tirupati on Monday evening after the supply of medical oxygen was disrupted.

Priti Singh


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