A bit spooky and a bit eerie!


The tombstones and the phrases on them provide a glimpse of how the city might have been in the 18th century

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FB description: A bit spooky and a bit eerie!

Park Street known for its busy streets filled with fancy restaurants, cute stores, book stores and pubs has in its palm a heritage site. South Park Street Cemetery is situated on Mother Teresa Sarani in Kolkata, the road used to be called Park Street.

A splash of spookiness accompanied with historical significance is the South Park Street Cemetery which is one of the largest and earliest non-church cemeteries outside of America and Europe. The place was built while keeping in mind to avoid health hazards and in order to lessen the burden that was earlier on the the burial ground built at the most vital part of the city. People visit the place in huge numbers almost everyday to learn the history about the tombs that are laid there, read the epitaphs, observe the delicate architectural details of the tombs and capture the beautiful view. Students of photography find this place well suited for clicking pictures for their assignments. The place was opened in 1767 and was in use till the 1840s (according to the dates on certain tombs) though at the entrance the year of its closing has been mentioned as 1790, now the place lies only as a heritage site. The tombstones and the phrases on them provide a glimpse of how the city might have been in the 18th century. The well kept paths that allow the visitors to take a stroll while admiring it all, were once not in existence, the now organized tombs were once a pile, rather a cluster of tombs.

Another reason to visit the place might be the spotting of vague silhouettes. There have been stories of how people have captured weird shapes on their cameras or felt a presence and were not able to throw off the uncanny feeling. To experience this, an entry fee of Rs. 20 is required, the place remains open on all days from 10 am to 5 pm. There are restaurants near the place as well to grab a filling meal.

By : Riya Siddhacharjee


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