Netizens Lash Out At PM Modi After Dead Bodies Were Found Floating In Ganga

#gangaexposedmodi new trends have started after dead bodies were found floating in Ganga river4. It seems like Prime Minister Narendra Modi has disappointed democracy over every single thing such as lack of oxygen, vaccination, and beds in the hospitals. He has been part of anger when he exports some of the vaccination to other countries. Some of the Twitter handlers wrote “POOR PEOPLE IN INDIA ARE DISPOSING BODIES OF THEIR LOVE ONES IN RIVER AS CREMATION COST HAS GONE UP DURING COVID-19 CRISIS, and some same PM Modi made the country disaster. One of the twitter handlers wrote Clean Ganga to be a reality soon !

Modi govt promises to clean 80% of the holy river by March 2019. Nearly Rs26,000 cr is being spent on cleaning the river Ganga. The result is 2021 –

  • Dead bodies floating.
  • 26k crs gone.
    This is not the first when PM Modi was strike by Netizens earlier Netizens scolded him for imposing a lockdown in the country.

By Priti


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