Where Is Amit Shah Asked Netizens?

Where Is Amit Shah Asked Netizens?

Recently, the #AmitShahmissing trend has erupted like a volcano on Twitter after Nagesh Kariyappa, general secretary of the National Students’ Union of India on Wednesday said that he had filed a missing person report with the Delhi police against Union Home Minister Amit Shah. He further stated that politicians are supposed to serve the nation and look after its people and not run away when there is a crisis situation. As per the Nagesh Kariyappa Amit Shah is missing as he failed to serve the nation through he could able to encounter its democracy. Netizens heated on this trend repeatedly asking where is Amit Shah.

However, The trends do not stop here it’s all get connected with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Some of the Netizens are being felt disappointed, some of them show concern over the matter and some of the users even state that Amit shah is underground in the middle of the COVID crisis. Some of the Twitter handlers also ask to play a vital role during an election but not good enough to handle the COVID crisis. How long this trend will run it’s a more interesting part to see.

By Priti


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