Pune Man Becomes A Plasma Donor


Entire nation in combating against the deadly virus, in the middle of that a 50-year-old man donate plasma 14 times to those infected by the virus. The man identifies as Ajay Munot and located in Pune. He has created a record of sorts by donating plasma as many as 14 times. Ajay Munot said, “I am the first person in the country to donate my plasma 14 times.” As per the reports, Munot works as a strategic consultant said it all began after he recovered from COVID-19 in June 2020. He becomes an inspiration for those who scared to donate plasma to COVID infected people.
After receiving the certificate it’s read, “Congratulations, your claim has been finalized as ‘Maximum plasma donation by an individual under India Book of Records, 2022. We appreciate the effort and patience shown by you. Your skills have been acknowledged and as per the verification done by the Editorial Board of India Book of Records, only the best selected and approved by us.”

By Priti


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