Both Covishield & Covaxin produce a “good immune response”: Study


As per the media reports, a study revealed that 515 vaccinated healthcare workers 425 with Covishield, and 90 with Covaxin — from 13 states and 22 cities found the vaccines could generate an immune response in 95% of recipients 21-36 days after the second dose.

Awadhesh Kumar Singh, lead author of the study and consultant endocrinologist, G.D. Hospital and Diabetes Institute, Kolkata has informed that both vaccines showed positive results even after a single dose in people who already had Covid in the past. However, Covishield may have a greater ability to produce more anti-spike antibodies and a higher seropositivity rate. Subsequently, the study found that Women have nine percent greater antibody titers compared to men.

Further, the print specified in its reports, that the captured co-morbidities, and people with T2DM (type 2 diabetes) had a significantly lower seropositivity rate compared to those without in the overall cohort.

Priti Singh


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