Bihar: Total Number Of COVID-19 Died Increased To 9,439,


Patna:- The Health Department made a huge revision in the death toll from the corona epidemic in Bihar, after which the total death toll has gone up to 9,429.

According to the information of Health Department, the figure shows 5,478 death on Wednesday was included in the figure of 3,951 other deaths, the total number has increased to 9,429. However, it has not been clarified by the department when these deaths have happened.

Furthermore, the number of patients who died in the second wave of corona infection is close to 8,000. In Bihar’s capital Patna, 2301 patients have lost their lives due to corona, while in the Muzaffarpur district, 609 patients have died. Following the same, nearly 316 people lost their lives in Begusarai, and 222 people died in Nalanda

Priti Singh


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