Has Saugata Roy Hinted At The Return Of Mukul Roy?


In an interview of NDTV Saugata Roy, said: “many people are in touch with Abhishek Banerjee and they want to come back, I feel they betrayed the party in a time of need. Roy further informed that the final decision will be taken by Mamata-di.

“I feel the turncoats have to be divided into two parts the soft liners and hardliners,” added Saugata Roy. The statement is a huge departure from the strongly guarded response on Mukul Roy so far. Both BJP and the Trinamool Congress have largely maintained silence on the issue and Mr. Roy has maintained the suspense.

The sound of speculation was already on air about Mukul Roy’s return and it’s has started when Abhishek Banerjee, Mamata Banerjee, and a key leader of her party, visited Mr. Roy at the hospital where his wife is admitted.

Priti Singh


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