Who is ready for Mou of ‘Mouchaak’..?


Hoichoi never disappoints!
This time when the audience will open the app, they will certainly smile. Well, the upcoming web series ‘Mouchaak’ starring Monami Ghosh appears to be a ‘dark comedy of errors’. The web series in directed by Sayantan Ghosal, who is quite known for his thriller and treasure hunt films. The lively and lovely narration of characters by  Mir Afsar Ali, is what the series starts with. Let’s meet Mou, queen bee of a housing colony, who is loved and admired by her neighbours. While her husband Kanchan Mullick seems to be a mute suspector of her romantic liasions.
The web series will give you a feel of ‘Dupur thakurpo’, and this new offering of Hoichoi is filled with sexual innuendoes. However, Mou’s routine entertainment sessions get disrupted when her attention shifts to a lottery ticket worth Rs1.5 crore. Mouchaak will be streamed on Hoichoi from 18 June.


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