Hoax or not: Get Rs 5 lakh in exchange of 2 rupee coin!


If you want to earn some quick cash without working, now is your chance. Is it true, is it not..! One has to have few antique coins and then get to know about the authenticity of it. The cash amount would be 5 lakh without stepping outside your house, which is no doubt a lucrative amount.
When things get old, they fall in the antique category. In this case same thing happened.  which has a high demand in the international market and fetches a lot of money. So, if you are a numismatist and own an old coin of Rs 2 then you can earn Rs 5 lakh online. The only condition here is that the coin needs to be a 1994, 1995, 1997, and 2000 series coin. If you own one of these rare coins and are willing to sell it on Quickr. Then register yourself as an online seller on the site. Click a photo of the coin and upload it on site.
After this, you need to provide your address, mobile number, and email address. The website then verifies your mobile number and email address. If you are lucky, a buyer will come into contact with you directly. So, if you have such coins in your piggy-bank then you can give it a try and get yourself registered to that above mentioned site.


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