Poster unveiled of Ekannoborti- 51 noye, Ek Onno’


After the successful Box Office run of ‘Cheeni’ last year, SVF announces another family drama written & directed by Mainak Bhaumik- titled ‘Ekannoborti-51noye, Ek Onno’.  With the kind of response garnered from the first look itself, the film is already seen to dig expectations in the minds of people.
However, the good news doesn’t end here!
In addition to Mainak Bhaumik’s directorial treat, multiple powerful actors namely- Aparajita Addhya, Alokananda Roy and Saurasheni Maitra will be seen playing prominent characters in the film along with a stellar subordinate cast.  The shooting of the film will start from 8th July 2021. Built on the idea of portraying familial bond in a light-hearted context, the film tells the story of a family which used to function as one at some point of time but got disintegrated into isolated units over the course of time.  During the household Durga Pujo of Banerjee family, the members get reunited after a long time. As the Pujo festivities ensue, the once empty and silent Banerjee home becomes filled with festive chaos amidst the family and the boisterous bunch of outsiders. With its various elements of emotions, Mainak Bhaumik’s ‘Ekannoborti-51noye, Ek Onno’ strives to be an unparalleled family watch.
Mainak Bhaumik, the Director, said “Ekannoborti is a film that celebrates the joint family in a time where people are scattered all over the place and is centred around the barir Pujo which is slowly becoming extinct. It’s a happy funny sad sweet drama that hopes to remind us Bengalis of our true family spirit of positivity during such depressing times. This film serves as a quick reminder that Pujo is all about the family…”


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